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Power BI Developer – Data Analyst

Full Job Description

If you're looking for an opportunity to...

  • Share knowledge with others.
  • Challenge your critical thinking skills.
  • Help direct the future of a nonprofit organization as we expand our fundraising services for our nonprofit partners and grow as an organization.
  • Build your experience deriving insights and identifying macro and micro trends from both large and small data sets.
  • Support nonprofits and public media organizations across the country.
  • Work independently and manage multiple projects while meeting deadlines.
  • Challenge your problem solving skills along with your technical and analytical skills.

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We are looking for someone technically savvy with an analytical mindset to join our Organization. Ideal candidates will have a high level of independent judgment, an incredible attention to detail and the ability to thrive working on multiple projects in a team setting and autonomously. This is an excellent position for someone who is looking for a challenging role that demands high performance, as well as hands-on experience working with software development, data, & analytics.


CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services) is a nationally recognized social enterprise nonprofit that helps thousands of nonprofits and public media stations in the U.S. and Canada increase their fundraising through turn-key vehicle donation programs. CARS has returned more than $300 million to our nonprofit partners. CARS also reinvests in our community by providing meals and transportation solutions to seniors each year through a program called On the Go.

CARS currently processes more than 125,000 donations and more than 750,000 phone calls per year through our in-house call center.


  • Execute accurate data entry.
  • Create and maintain detailed documentation for each report/query generated.
  • Work with the business users and CTO to understand their KPI’s and create reports accordingly.
  • Interact with our in-house database to review, extract and validate/correct data anomalies.
  • Create and monitor reports to preserve data quality and identify critical issues, trends, and opportunities—as well as create reports related to team performance and data entry tracking.
  • Create reports and dashboards in Power BI and publish.
  • Interpret and provide appropriate analysis of reported data.
  • Verify, extract, transform, append, and standardize data from disparate data types and sources through Business Intelligence reports and dashboards to meet system/business reporting requirement.
  • Provide direction and training to end-users on how to use and interpret metrics and applications.
  • Handle structured and unstructured data to create aggregates.
  • Direct the workloads of additional BI / data integrity staff.
  • Administer or assist with administering telephony systems.
  • Use good judgment and demonstrate discretion in the handling of confidential and or sensitive information.
  • Communication – Data analysts collaborate with a variety of audiences using different mediums (oral and written).
  • Deal with internal and external customers with a focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Share knowledge with others.


  • High School Diploma or GED with above average mathematical skills.


Job Specific:

  • Experience handling structured and unstructured data and able to create aggregates.
  • Demonstrates care, concern and courtesy when dealing with internal and external customers with a focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Proves ability to share knowledge with others.
  • Can execute accurate data entry.
  • Upholds an accountable character.
  • Independent worker, asks questions.
  • Has strong critical thinking skills – and can derive insights and identify trends from a given data set.
  • Has the ability to work independently and manage multiple projects while meeting deadlines. And can execute a process independently, accurately, and timely with the ability to solve problems and present solutions with low complexity using technical and analytical skills.


  • Excellent spelling, grammar, and written communication skills in English.
  • Excellent telephone and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as memos, general clerical documents, reports, safety rules, instruction booklets and manuals.
  • Ability to write well (e.g., memos, reports, e-mails, agendas, minutes).


  • Semi-advanced mathematical skills required (pre-calc & stats).
  • Minimum Basic Statistics knowledge.
  • Ability to analyze data.

Reasoning: :

  • Ability to apply common sense and critical thinking to carry out instructions and make decisions within scope of authority.
  • Ability to deal with problems involving several variables.
  • Ability to use good judgment and demonstrate discretion in the handling of confidential and or sensitive information.
  • Able to identify upstream and downstream impact analysis through applications, systems, and processes.
  • Identifying and describing future software needs.
  • Writing clear definitions.
  • Task-oriented.
  • Self-driven.


  • Ability to write clear concise emails and documentation.
  • Proficiency in Word and Outlook.
  • Strong experience in Microsoft Excel
  • Strong experience in Microsoft Power BI
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  • Experience with DAX, Power Query, data transformation & modeling, data visualization, and data analytics.

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