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Happy Birthday, Public Media!

November 7th, will officially mark the 50th anniversary of President Johnson's signing of the Public Broadcasting Act. This led to the establishment of PBS, NPR, and thousands of other local public media stations across the nation. Fifty years later, the historical legislation has helped create quality, educational, and creative programming for children and adults alike; making public media a presence in homes and vehicles across the country.

Since its establishment, CARS has helped to return over 100 million dollars to public media stations across the country. Our public media partners are a significant factors in the success of CARS, as well as the vehicle donation industry. We here at CARS, are extremely grateful to all our public media partners and proud of what public media has achieved over the last fifty years.

With current speculation over funding for public media, vehicle donations are now more important than ever for public broadcasters. In the past thirteen years, CARS has built strong relationships in public media, giving us an insight into the importance of what public radio and TV have to offer. We will continue to work hard and provide high quality service to ensure the success of our partners, because your success, is our success.