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CARS understands the importance of visibility for your program

A robust package of marketing materials are provided by CARS and are complimentary to CARS partners. Marketing materials include: custom graphics, social media, online marketing, data analysis tools, CARS software along with vehicle donation campaign assistance.

CARS Automated Marketing Management (CAMM)
CAMM software is designed to sync with each nonprofit's database to deliver automated marketing pieces such as emails, social media posts and videos to both potential and existing donors. These smart marketing tools can be delivered through scheduled delivery times and through the system's tracking tools. CARS partners with Tagrem, a technology company that provides CRM software solutions to a number of large companies. Tagrem is an Oracle partner and developed the CAMM software system that provides online marketing management tools to all CARS partners.

Social Media Marketing
CARS offers year-round social media content. This includes quarterly social media kits that contain pre-written posts, graphics, trending topics and campaigns all related to social media. The CARS social Media Specialist is always on call for partners who need creative or technical social media support. CARS also offers specific instructions on adding an application to Facebook that links to partners' landing sites.

Graphics and Digital Media
CARS can produce a variety of digital marketing pieces including print advertising, media files, videos, digital banners, buttons and more. All new partners receive graphics and videos to market their new vehicle donation program online. Partners can also request that custom graphics or video files be produced to match specific marketing events or branding guidelines.

Email Marketing/Content Management
CARS provides pre-written content for emails, webpage listings and any other marketing pieces that require written information. Quarterly content is available for specific seasons or campaigns throughout the year.

Marketing material is delivered through CARS' automated software to partners on a regular basis. This includes: e-blast content, social media content, graphics and other marketing material produced by the CARS marketing team. In addition, landing pages are created for Search Engine Optimization.

CARS reports and delivers specific marketing strategies that include a number of delivery methods based on the individual partners' needs. These methods include strategizing for email delivery dates and times, implementation of posting via social media, discovering how boosting posts can increase donor traffic, search engine optimization and providing print materials, including post cards based on the partner's donor base.

Each partner has the opportunity to meet with the CARS Marketing Support Team as well as their Account Manager to establish a marketing plan that will successfully drive donors within the specified field. Each tool provided is meant to work within the partner's current marketing plan. Each tool can be used alongside any existing marketing plan and are delivered through the partners existing donor list.

CARS also supports partners through immediate campaign requests to include events such as a natural disaster. For example, if there is a hurricane and an immediate need for social posts, email blasts and / or other marketing pieces, CARS marketing team can support raising awareness of the vehicle donation program.