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Donate Your Car To Support Your Favorite NPR Station!

Donate a vehicle to a National Public Radio Station

Donate your old or unused car to your NPR station today and see how easy it is to make a huge impact with a vehicle donation!

Want a great way to support your NPR station and the programming you love? When you donate a car to your favorite NPR station you do just that. Your car donation to public radio helps keep great programs like All Things Considered, Fresh Air, Planet Money, and Car Talk on the air. National Public Radio stations across the country depend on support from listeners like you to keep broadcasting on the air. A car donation makes it easy to do your part and give public radio your support. Donate your car today, quickly and easily, with a call or use our simple online form and give NPR the support it needs to continue bringing you the radio you love.

Call 855-500-7433 to donate now or use the easy online form to get started.

When you donate a vehicle to an NPR station not only are you supporting public radio, it’s also a fast and easy way to get rid of an unwanted vehicle. Plus, a vehicle donation gets you get a nice tax deduction if you itemize your return. Your car donation will be picked up, for free and at your convenience. The vehicle will be sold at auction and the proceeds benefit your chosen public radio station. It couldn’t be easier, and its just a call or form submission away. Call or click today and donate a vehicle to an NPR station!

Here are some more great benefits of donating a car:

  • Effortlessly support causes and charities you are passionate about
  • Avoid costly repairs for your old car
  • Free-up space in your garage or driveway
  • Better alternative to a low trade-in offer
  • Giving back = good Karma
  • Automobile donations are deductible!

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Public Media's First Vehicle Donation Program

CARS is the longest running vehicle donation program for public media in the country. Since 2003, CARS has supported 500+ public media stations raise funds through vehicle donations. Our donor focused program is known for providing outstanding donor support throughout the entire donation process. Our dynamic network of sale outlets allows us to find the right buyer for every donation, maximizing the tax deduction and contribution to the NPR station. We assist hundreds of thousands of NPR car donors each year and we'd be happy to assist you with a car donation to your favorite station as well!

Enjoy some of your favorite NPR car donation commercials!

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Public Radio Car Donations

Our NPR Car Donation program is a service of CARS – Charitable Adult Rides and Services. For more than 15 years CARS has been a leader in providing the best vehicle donation service to both donors and nonprofit organizations. CARS is proud to partner with hundreds of public media organizations across the country to help them secure necessary support to continue their work. Recently, Car Talk VDP / V-DAC joined forces with CARS to provide all station partners greater opportunities to fulfill the mission of sustainable revenue for public media across America. CARS is the longest running vehicle donation provider to public media in the industry - returning more than $250 million back to stations nationwide!

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