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How To Sign A Nebraska Title

For any questions about how to sign a title for your specific donated vehicle, please contact the purchasing vendor which is usually the auto auction yard. Please note, the purchaser of your donated vehicle is not the charity. It will either be the vendor or Charitable Adult Rides & Services.

1. At the very top of the title, basic vehicle information including the make, model, year and VIN must be printed. The owner’s name(s) and address(es) are also printed. If there are any liens on the tile, their information is recorded just below the owner information. Nebraska provides two dedicated spaces for liens. There is a section to the right where Lien Releases are noted, if applicable.

2. On the front of the title, in the section labeled “Seller Must Complete,” the vehicle’s odometer reading must be recorded and certified if it is accurate or inaccurate.

3. In the section marked “Purchaser (Buyer) Information,” the buyer’s name, address, city of residence and zip code must be written.

4. Once these sections are completed, both the buyer and seller must print and sign their name, and if there are multiple buyers and sellers, they all must complete this step.

5. The vehicle’s date of sale and purchase price must be written next to each other underneath the buyer and seller signatures.

Helpful Tips

  • The divisions of the sections can be a bit confusing on the Nebraska title, so make sure to carefully check the line being filled in to make sure the correct information is being placed where it needs to go.
  • Nebraska requires a county official to sign off and seal the document in the bottom section. This should be done at the local DMV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I cancel my insurance?

A. Only cancel your vehicle's insurance AFTER your vehicle has been picked up and you have notified the state that you’ve donated your vehicle. If your state requires notification, please be aware that you should never cancel your insurance prior to reporting to the state you are no longer in possession of the vehicle. This is a general rule for States/Motor Vehicle Departments that require Notification be submitted or license plates returned.

Q: Who is considerd the purchaser of my vehicle donation? Is it the nonprofit or charity?

A. The purchaser of your donated vehicle is NOT the nonprofit or charity. It will either be the vendor or Charitable Adult Rides & Services, the vehicle donation program provider and partner of your nonprofit of choice.

Q. What is State Notification?

A. State notification releases the vehicle donor from liability over the vehicle, including registration fees and from having to keep the vehicle insured, after the vehicle is picked up. State notification is a way for the state to create a record that the owner is no longer in possession of the vehicle. The steps needed to release your liability of a donated vehicle vary by state.

Q. Who is supposed to take care of the state notification process?

A. If state notification is required, only the donor and/or owner of the vehicle can complete this process. Please do not rely on the pick-up driver or vendor to report to the State/Motor Vehicle Department that you are no longer in possession of the vehicle. If you need support, please contact the vehicle donation support team at or call 855-500-7433. We would be happy to assist you.

If you have additional questions, please visit our vehicle donation FAQS.

If you would like assistance with your vehicle donation, please contact us here.

For more information on vehicle release or general DMV questions, contact your local Motor Vehicle Division.

For additional support, please email us and include your Stock # and contact information.
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