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A Notice of Vehicle Transfer and an Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer to the County Clerk's Office are REQUIRED for the Donor to Complete within 15 days of the Pick-up Date of the Vehicle Donation to Release Liability

NOTORIZATION is required of the title for transfer. **Please wait until the vehicle pick-up has been arranged before completing and/or notarizing the Title. VENDOR ASSISGNED WILL NEED TO ADVISE.


Please remove the license plates of your donated vehicle before the pick-up. Surrender them in person or by mail to your KY County Clerk along with the registration receipt. Plates can also be transferred to a new vehicle. Click HERE to find your local County Clerk's office.

Please See the Steps Below for How to Complete the Notice of Vehicle Transfer and an Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer to the County Clerk's Office

There is one way in Kentucky to notify the County Clerk's Office that you have donated your car: in person. Currently, there is no option available online. You can find more information and forms for each notification method below:


  • Please print and complete the Affidavit Of Incomplete Transfer [TC 96-3] and sign in the presence of a notary.
  • Submit Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer to your County Clerk's Office. Click HERE to locate your local County Clerk's Office.

ACCESS FORM   [TC 96-3] Affidavit of Incomplete Transfer (PDF)

Click HERE to download the form as a Word Document.

Haven't donated yet? We can help you find a fantastic Kentucky nonprofit to donate to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I cancel my insurance? A. Only cancel your vehicle's insurance AFTER your vehicle has been picked up and you have notified the state that you’ve donated your vehicle. If your state requires notification, please be aware that you should never cancel your insurance prior to reporting to the state you are no longer in possession of the vehicle. This is a general rule for States/Motor Vehicle Departments that require Notification be submitted or license plates returned.

Q: Who is considerd the purchaser of my vehicle donation? Is it the nonprofit or charity? A. The purchaser of your donated vehicle is NOT the nonprofit or charity. It will either be the vendor or Charitable Adult Rides & Services, the vehicle donation program provider and partner of your nonprofit of choice.

Q. What is State Notification? A. State notification releases the vehicle donor from liability over the vehicle, including registration fees and from having to keep the vehicle insured, after the vehicle is picked up. State notification is a way for the state to create a record that the owner is no longer in possession of the vehicle. The steps needed to release your liability of a donated vehicle vary by state.

Q. Who is supposed to take care of the state notification process? A. If state notification is required, only the donor and/or owner of the vehicle can complete this process. Please do not rely on the pick-up driver or vendor to report to the State/Motor Vehicle Department that you are no longer in possession of the vehicle. If you need support, please contact the vehicle donation support team at or call 855-500-7433. We would be happy to assist you.

If you have additional questions, please visit our vehicle donation FAQS.

If you would like assistance with your vehicle donation, please contact us here.

For more information on vehicle transfers, please contact your local Motor Vehicle Division:

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