Maine DMV Vehicle Transfer | Vehicle Donations

Title Transfer


Currently, CARS is unaware of any special notification requirements for Maine. Typically, this means vehicle transfer notification is not required and the state is notified when you surrender your plates to the BMV or transfer them to another vehicle.


License plates may stay with owner and get transferred to another vehicle. However, if not transferred, they must be returned to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. A Plate Cancellation Form must be completed if you decide to surrender them to the BMV.

Click HERE to access the Plate Cancellation Form.


The purchaser of your donated vehicle is NOT the charity. It will either be the vendor or Charitable Adult Rides & Services.
For more information on vehicle, contact your local Motor Vehicle Division:

Secretary of State
Bureau of Motor Vehicles
29 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333

Phone: 207.624.9000
Fax: 207.624.9204

Click HERE for the telephone directory.