Wisconsin DMV Vehicle Transfer | Vehicle Donations

Title Transfer


Currently, CARS is unaware of any special notification requirements for Wisconsin. Notification of transferring a vehicle does NOT apply to donated vehicles or other non-individuals, such as dealers, companies, charities and government agencies. It is ONLY required for sales from one individual to another individual.

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Please remove the license plates. License plates stay with the owner unless they are being transferred to another vehicle. You may retain the plates, transfer them to another vehicle, or properly dispose of them

If the donor receives a Renewal Notice, please disregard. Click HERE to learn more.


The purchaser of your donated vehicle is NOT the charity. It will either be the vendor or Charitable Adult Rides & Services.
For more information on vehicle, contact your local Motor Vehicle Division:

Wisconsin Department of Transportation
WisDOT Central Office
4822 Madison Yards Way
Madison, WI 53705

Phone: 608.264.7447
Email: information.dmv@dot.wi.gov